What Is Observational Research?

Observational research consists of a researcher observing a subject, or subjects, within a natural environment. It is an ethnographical research done by many anthropologists as well as qualitative UX researchers who specifically study human interaction with physical objects (in-store shopping, VR users, users with physical disabilities, etc.). A common observational study for UX Researchers would be a contextual inquiry.

What Is The AEIOU Method?

The AEIOU method is a way to record specific heuristics during an observational study. It is an acronym for five different categories for observing and recording research data. The five categories are;

  • Environments…

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What is A/B Testing?

Also known as split testing, is the method of testing two different concepts for improving a user interface. In a split test, concepts are very different from each other by changing multiple elements of an interface; either color, layout, or both. You typically start a split test with two concepts; the control (the original design) and the test sample (the redesign).

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I don’t believe in giving up all your possessions in order to be happy. I just don’t think it’s possible for most people to survive in a modern capitalist society. I’ve seen…

Richard Saul Wurman was an American architect and designer that coined the 5 Hat Racks Principle, or L.A.T.C.H., in his book, ‘Information Anxiety (1989). The book provides guidance on how to organize your information to make it more digestible for you or your users. If you haven’t read the book, I suggest you do. It’s relevant even in our personal lives for curing the uneasiness of daily information we see online; overwhelming us with facts and data and pretending to be useful information.

“Information may be infinite, however…The organization of information is finite as it can only be organized by…

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Before we learn about the S.M.A.R.T. goals method, it’s important to know why we need a research objective. When we understand its importance, then we can see why applying the S.M.A.R.T. method makes sense.

A research objective is the driving force behind every method and task in your research plan. Research objectives define what method to use, not the other way around. They clearly describe what you intend to achieve with your research that your stakeholders can expect to see. Research objectives help you keep focus by including only the most relevant insights. …

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The greater the complexity or number of choices, the harder it is to make a decision.

Think about the times you visited a restaurant chain where you were handed a menu that contained 3–5 pages full of dishes to choose from. Though they probably had everything grouped according to meal type, dietary restrictions, etc. did you ever have a moment where you thought to yourself, ‘I can’t decide‘. You may have even done some sort of elimination process by choosing the things that sounded the most appetizing at the time, narrowing that list until you only limit yourself to a few options. …

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We are seeing a lot of workers walk-out or sign-off at their companies and taking to the streets to be in community with their black coworkers. This is an immense show of solidarity for the black community and it’s a great way to get the point across to your company about how change must happen. A few companies are responding in support of the protests while others are not supportive. Many companies still yet to remain silent. However, in addition to protesting on the streets, there can be other powerful ways to support your POC coworkers.

1. Speak Up At Your Company

This is a time…

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If you want to thrive as a business during this economic hardship, where people have been locked in their homes for over two months, my advice to you is to put on your best customer service hat. The only way for your customers to interact with you today, and probably for a long while after quarantine, is online. So how are you making sure they get that ‘excellent customer experience’ feeling that they normally get in your store — but online?

I had a recent interaction with a small independent design organization which motivated me enough to write this article…

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